Jazzro Marketing Features – Jazzro Review


Jazzro Marketing Features – Jazzro Review

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In this video, I go over all the features Jazzro has to offer.

Marketing Features

Email Marketing

In my opinion, one of the simplest email tools on the market for a very good price. I would not expect all the bells and whistles with Jazzro just yet but I do think for any small business, this has great value.

Social Media Management

Definitely one of the best services available and for a wonderful price. Like I mention in the video, I used to charge way more than their price to do less work.

Mobile Marketing

The numbers speak for themselves and this little Jazzro tool makes it super easy to reach out to your customers and prospects.

Greetings Cards

I like this option a lot. Who wants to deal with cards all the time. This piece allows you to get your time back.

Promotional Gifts

Candles and food. what gets better than that. manage all your gifts from one place and never make mistakes again. You really can’t beat this Jazzro feature

Digital Advertising Campaigns

If it’s good enough for Amazon, it’s good enough for me. The average company using banner ads spend over 8k a month because the value is so high. This is what Advertising was always meant to look like.

Contact Management

The core to all the other features. It’s simple and feature rich. I like this tool better than any other I have ever used.

Search Engine Optimization

Quit wasting all your money on services that only get you to the second page of Google. Jazzro SEO lives on the first page and can get you the placement you have been hoping for.

Website Design and Hosting

You could do it cheaper but you know what you have to do to get that cheaper price. ALL THE WORK! Hours and hours of work. Who has time for that? Stop wasting time and money and get this little gem working for you.

This is Steve Jones with Sophisticated Income and I approve this Jazzro Review message.

Learn more by visiting http://topjazzroadvocate.com

If you have questions, you can speak to them by emailing topjazzroadvocate@gmail.com

Jazzro Marketing Features

Jazzro Marketing

jazzro Features

Jazzro Review


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