Jazzro Email Marketing

Jazzro Email Marketing

The first form of Internet marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing methods available today. Despite what many people will say about the numbers of emails that customers receive each day, if you can generate a list of email subscribers who are engaged in your valuable content then they will be the easiest customers to sell to. You can use email to build trust in your brand as well as to sell direct.

Jazzro offers an excellent email marketing solution that allows you to reach 20,000 customers from as little as $50. You can choose from a range of templates and also customize them to fit your own brand. You can reach out to your customers based on their interests or behavior and you can really engage your customers through the use of contests or giveaways.

The real strength of Jazzro’s email marketing solution is the analytical tracking that comes with it. Whether it is click through rates, open rates or even more specific feedback – it is available through the Jazzro dashboard.

learn more about jazzro at http://topjazzroadvocate.com


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